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The Haunted Mansion Wiki was started in April of 2017 by three die-hard Haunted Mansion fans. Since purchasing this domain, we couldn't find a good use for it. We decided what better way to share information than an open wiki. We try to visit this wiki every few days, and add information as often as we can. Some information has been shared by other enthusiasts or casual fans. This site's main focus is on The Disneyland Haunted Mansion, although we may occasionally make reference to the others. We have populated some pages with excerpts from Wikipedia. Our goal is to eventually replace that information with our own original content. If you surfed in to read up on the Haunted Mansion, or view some photos, Welcome! If you are here to add or revise existing material we thank you also!

  • We do not accept donations, advertising, or outside links. We are here for the sharing of information, and the love of Disneyland and The Haunted Mansion.

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