Column Project

I’ve always wanted a little bit of the Mansion in my home office. I decided to make a scaled down version of an entryway column. Here’s one of the photos I used for reference, color, and overall look.

I drew up some plans in a CAD program. I asked in a few of the message forums I visit for any measurements that were available. Surprisingly, I got a few responses. I assumed the measurements that were given to me came off the architectural plans that you occasionally see around the web.

Scaled to fit in my office

I purchased some plywood from my local home improvement center and cut it up using a table saw. Below you can see how I created the blank.

Next up was the cement/stucco looking sections. These I added using some 3/4″ pine. This will get covered with paint after construction. I mitered the corners to minimize any visible seams. I also used a pin nailer for quick assembly.

I filled any holes, cracks or knots with wood putty and sanded smooth.

I added a cap piece, and cut a mitered piece on the table saw to replicate that feature on the real mansion column. I also cut an angle on the top of the lower pieces.

I purchased a light from the home improvement store that I thought was close to the original. Obviously there would be some modifications required. Here’s a photo of the original light on the left, the light I purchased on the right.

I did not have the ability to create any metal legs for the light so I cut some out of wood on a scroll saw. I also found some finials and small parts at the hardware store. I used some pvc pipe to mimic the post on the original light. Here’s a picture of the assembled light. I painted the first coat with a color I just had laying around, the final color will be black.

Next is the paint for the stucco look. I found some faux granite spray that looked pretty good. I think I ended up using two cans. It does a pretty good job of hiding any imperfections in the wood.

At this point I was ready for the brick. I looked around for fake brick and wasn’t happy with the looks of what was out there. Most products were plastic or resin. (and looked like it)¬†I was concerned with weight, so I decided on a real brick product that is sliced from actual¬†bricks. You just glue it on your project. It looks like the real thing, with much less weight.

Brick veneer

I glued the brick on using hot glue for quick set, and clear silicone for long term. I suppose liquid nails would work just as well. I tried to space the bricks out for an authentic look for the mortar lines. One thing I would do differently if I did this again is paint the wood under the bricks gray to mimic mortar.

Brick placement

I found some of the famous entryway plaques on eBay and ordered two. These were made out of resin and already painted. The scale looked good for my project. (I think I lucked out)

Here is the completed project. It was a little more than I wanted to spend overall, but I really like how it turned out and get quite a few compliments. I had one friend tell me I should scale it down again and make bedroom nightstands. You never know…